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The Govt. mental hospital in Chennai is Quite far from the targeted area and so the patients can't afford to access its services. Psychiatrist is available in all District Head Quarters Hospital. There are a few private clinics in the targeted area, but the psychiatrists spend little time with the mentally ill. They do not provide counseling and psychotherapy, which are essential for the lasting and permanent cure of the mentally ill. Lack of adequate and timely treatment makes mental illness to become a chronic disease.

Therefore there is a dire need to identify the mentally ill, diagnose the definite nature of the illness and treat them appropriately at the right time. It is also necessary to educate the family and the community that mental illness can be cured and helped to lead a normal life. They have to be rehabilitated and rendered into the community.

"A doctor who treats a patient without giving importance to mind indeed makes a big mistake". - Plato
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