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From 1992 Punar Jeevan has carried out the following activities

1. Individual counseling                                                          13126 persons

2. Marital counseling                                                               513 couple

3. Psychiatric treatment                                                          4372 persons

4. Rehabilitation of Alcoholics                                                  627 persons

5. Referral service                                                                 2132 persons

6. Awareness progrmmes                                                       134 villages

7. Seminar for parents on child reariry                                    148 villages

8. Counselling and career guidance                                         73 schools

9. Training to volunteers on community psychiatry                    46 persons

10. Counseling the psychiatric patients and their family members once a week in general       hospital 2 hospitals

11. Seminar for teachers 32 schools

12. Free medical camp 8

13. Blood donation motivation camp 9

14. Displayed books on mental health in various places and distributed leaflets on the       same topic

15. Published handouts on the following: mental health, Alcoholism, career guidance, child       rearing, healthy family, Role of teachers in personality development

16. Awareness was given to the public on the following matters and certain remedy has       been achieved.

  • Chaining of mentally ill patients and treating them in an inhuman ways in worshiping places in Kanyakumari district.

  • Problems of mentally ill patients abandoned by pilgrims from other states

  • Lack of psychiatrist in the Govt. General Hospitals of Kanyakumari district.

  • Production and consumption of illicit liquor 'Aristam' which is the cause of many problems in Kanyakumari district.
"Every person who is affected psychologically needs a friend" -Clifford peers
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